“So, I close my eyes to old ends and open my heart to new beginnings.” ~Nick Fredrickson Sydney is a city of the historic and the modern coexisting seamlesslyChandelier envy Damn veggies … keep up with the potatoAnother day – another pub Never be afraid to climb high, Shortstack  The Bar. Darling Harbor. Check it out!Ride… Read More 1/52

10 Years

10 is a good round number. It’s easy to count by 10s. It simplifies things. 10 years ago today, the most amazing person pushed (literally) his way into my life. It wasn’t without some chaos and uncertainty. But, in a surprising way, he simplified my life. Shortstack chose me as his Mama. I believe that.… Read More 10 Years

I Choose Me

We spend a lot of our in-between time in cars. From home to school. School to practice. Home to events. Over the Pali to Papa’s house. School to the library. For short bursts of time, after all, we live within a 14-minute commute to most of our usual haunts, the Shortstack and I often have… Read More I Choose Me


I’m starting to see glimpses of seasons changing on my instagram feed and as I browse through my blog roll with my coffee in the mornings. Not here, friends. We’re still suffering from one of the most miserably hot and humid summers in memory here in paradise. I know I shouldn’t complain – we’re not… Read More 36/52