We are now accountable

14937257_10154672280576672_398843154361674079_n… for the choice the US electorate has made as to who will assume the presidency after President Obama departs from office.

I’m truly scared. As a woman. As a member of the lgbtq community. As a mother. As a parent raising a son. As an educator. As a student. As an advocate. As an ethnic minority. As an American. As a human. I am scared of what is to come in the next 4 years.

We tucked our boy into bed tonight – his anxiety high as the results came in and it appeared that the next president would be an individual who has brazenly demonstrated his disregard for anyone he has chosen to dislike or marginalize; someone who is just a big, mean bully. After a bit, he called me back to his bedside, asked if we could cuddle for a bit and, as I settled down next to him he asked a question that was whirlpooling in my own head – “Mama, if trump is president, does this mean we won’t be married anymore?” He says “we” because in his mind – marriage meant officially recognizing and protecting our family.

I am horrified. And shocked. And now, we – the ones who voted and who are active citizens of this country – are now accountable for what happens. The choice has been made.



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