I’m starting to see glimpses of seasons changing on my instagram feed and as I browse through my blog roll with my coffee in the mornings. Not here, friends. We’re still suffering from one of the most miserably hot and humid summers in memory here in paradise. I know I shouldn’t complain – we’re not dealing with 110* heat (or more) and we don’t have feet of snow piling up outside our door, but the weather has been oppressive and my family has heard my opinion of said weather for months on end. I know they’re sick of it – I sure am!

I reopened my Etsy shop this past week (www.kekaicreations.etsy.com) – more items to be listed soon but these adorable owl beanies are in need of cozy, new homes!Processed with VSCOcam

Yes, Christmas lights are in effect. They’ve been making my early mornings at my desk much more inviting.

He’s an artist at heart – and his dream house for our ‘ohana makes me melt.

There’s nothing little about the boy anymore – squeezing into the car can also mean getting stuck.36d

Sometimes soccer mornings are fuzzy.36e

Handsome haircuts reveal the preteen in my little boy.

Volleyball games are even more fun when our peeps join in.

It’s been busy – it’s always busy. There were fewer pictures this week, but more items checked off the gotta-do list. We’re looking forward to catching up with some of our Aussies visiting the islands this week and making our way through the short week with our heads attached and our smiles bright.

Keep on keeping on, friends!


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