33 – 35/52

You can start figuring life out when you figure out that you don’t know much at all.

#gobows – Fall starts with soccer season in our house. Picnic dinners, friends and pretty skies. No complaints.35a

Selfies and smiles and soccer fields. 35b

This boy. Whatever goes on in the mind astounds me. 35aa
Mango trees and white fences are at the top of my dream house list.35bb

Mangos and fabric have filled my days – and my ‘opu.35c

Word art with meaningful messages. Ain’t nothing better. And it’s pretty sad – or possibly pretty damn great – that this is the ONLY picture I took from our beach house getaway weekend with my sister.35cc

The morning light is changing. summer is leaving us but we seem to be stuck with the heat. I’m hoping that changes pretty damn soon.35d

Hot days mean library hours. And coconut trees from the inside out.35e

I have a thing for gingerbread houses. On the beach – or at least only steps away.35f

Bananas come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Na pua … pretty, pretty flowers. 35h

Beach life.

Bold and blue … that door! I want one!

30 – 31 … 40 – 41 … I think I’m getting better with age. I had no idea that my life would be so damn complicatedly beautiful a decade later.35k

Saying goodbye is so hard. I know that it’s not a ritual that I’ve mastered. Especially for those I love best.35l

Busy hands and coffee. 35m

HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY? Be still my heart!35n

Unrepentant bibliophile.

Okay – I have a yarn addiction too. But you should have already figured that out. Oh, and 4th grade math sucks. 35p

Mama’s coffee – hand’s off.

Irish bars and Wahine soccer – a perfect fit.

When you live on a island where it’s hard to find good biscuits, you make your own. And sit down with a book. And coffee. 35s

Waking up is hard to do.35t

I found a slice of heaven. And rainbows too. 35u

Intense Obsession = chocolate. Yes.35v

Chef Zone is a dangerous place to let my sister and I loose in. Oh – and it was {literally} freezing in the cold zone. Wear the full-length jackets. I promise – it’s the only way to get the cold-stuff shopping done. 35w

I tried my hand at being tech-savvy. Dead router required fixing and I figured it out. There was a bit of swearing and a ton of questions. But, in the end – SUCCESS! 35x

Stormy skies after my first week of classes.

Seriously – how lucky are we??35z


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