“You must listen to your heart and follow it or it will find a million ways to remind you that there is something missing.” {luna adriana ardiansyah}

It’s hurricane season here in the Pacific. We’ve had a few tease us but so far, we’ve been untouched. This is what storm prep looks like at our house. Sidenote: this scotch is a great addition to your home bar – smooth enough to drink neat and good for mixing with a touch of mango juice and ginger ale.

Beach walk treasure – bleached coral as delicate as lace.32.2

The weather’s been muggy and I’ve been grumpy, but the skies have been fantastic.32.3

The flowers that endure the shoreline winds, the waves, the salt air and ocean mists are those that are the strongest and, to me, the most beautiful.32.4

Passing on tradition. This papa was with his boys, teaching them net fishing and talking story. So beautiful to watch and I can’t help but to think that these boys will we grounded by the comforting weight that this heritage carries.32.5

Leave your slippers at the door – or the beach. Just make sure you don’t take a better pair when you leave. 32.6

The dry side.

Tagging Shortstack’s personal library of graphic novels and comics so they don’t get mixed up with the library stashes that he comes home with each week. I found this superhero tape at my favorite office supply store and have put it to good use from library creation to snail mail decorations.

I feel uncomfortable when I walk into a house and don’t see any books lying around. I suppose you can surmise that I am supremely comfortable in our home. Books. Everywhere.

Mid-day snack. We’re blessed with friends that share their homegrown avos.32.10

Lumpia and homemade napkins for hosewarming. A couple of months ago I chose to eliminate the daily use of disposable napkins in our home. I took myself to the fabric shop and chose two contrasting, complimentary, 100% cotton fabrics and created a couple sets of everyday napkins. We’ve been using them ever since and every one in the house loves them. I made these for friends who are feathering a new nest. And, yes, our table cloth is as loud as I am. 32.11

Alpacas. Nuff said. ❤


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