Migraine Mediation Failure

I hate migraines. I know, who doesn’t? But I’ve completely wimped out on migraine tolerance over the past two years since my breast reduction surgery was successful in also reducing the frequency and intensity of my migraines. So when a migraine decides to punish me now, I collapse like a wet newspaper. The past 3 days have been all about minute movements and steps for self-preservation. Drugs haven’t helped. Neither has yoga. Or massage. Or water. Or walking. Or – or – or. This morning I crawled my ass out of bed at 4 AM to sit on our couch and whimper to myself, tears leaking out of my eyes as it caused to much pain to actually cry. Fucking migraines.

The edge of the pain has dulled a bit from this morning thanks to my wife digging her elbow into my overly-tensed neck muscles. It started to rain and the whole house smells like that pre-storm moment when you know the rain is going to invade and you have your fingers crossed that it’ll be long and violent enough to justify crawling into your bed cave in pjs with a book and your love. But, I know it won’t last that long or rain that much, so I have my book and I’m wrapping up a couple of finished blankets to pass into the hands of friends for their loves.

My book club (woohoo! I’m part of a book club!!) is reading The Pillars of the Earth this month. I wasn’t convinced that I’d enjoy it. I’ve heard raving reviews – one of my friends calls it one of her favorite books – but I just heard too much hype about it and, after all, it is an “Oprah book club” book. Nothing against Oprah; actually I really like her and her brand. I just don’t tend to put much stock in the popular or trendy choices of books. I think there are too many other stories and books out there that are waiting to be discovered and offer an original voice. I also wasn’t sure this type of story was what I am feeling right now. After all, it’s the end of summer – my attention span is that of a jellyfish and I’m likely to float right by anything that requires deep thinking. But I admit, I’m sucked in. The story is GOOD. The story is messy. The story is real. I’m not seeing the strings being neatly placed in a row for tidy tie-ups at the end. The characters are provoking as much disappointment and dislike as they are interest and compassion. I am definitely not flying through it as quickly as I normally do (blame it on the migraines and the season, or at least I will), but I look forward to picking it up throughout my day and soaring through as many pages as my time permits.


As for my yarn life, oh! I’m in love with a mermaid. Well, a mermaid pattern, that is. My wife found this pattern for me on Facebook (yes, social media has it’s value) and I’ve been working up a few over the past two weeks. Next up is one in greens for a friend who’s been in love with Ariel and the Little Mermaid since her childhood. How awesome is it that, even in her 20s, she holds onto her mermaid dreams? I finished a wave blanket for our friends who are expecting their first grand niece/nephew in the fall and a collection of yarn flowers for my sister to use in her office decor. In the works are a set of 8 minion beanies (again, for my sister) -who says that work colleagues can’t have a little fun and keep the atmosphere light while working the grind and getting things done. I’d venture to say that their patients (they all work in rehab PT) will have a good laugh at these awesome PTs doing their thing with minions on their heads.

I’m going to jump into a yoga class this morning. Oh, well I’ll likely limp into a yoga class this morning. But I go with intention and hope that the movement and meditation will stomp out the lingering threads of this evil migraine. And if that doesn’t work, you’ll find me curled up in a ball on the living room floor this afternoon.


6 thoughts on “Migraine Mediation Failure

  1. Hope you migraine is gone! I have family members who suffer and unfortunately many people don’t realize that a migraine is NOT “just a headache.”

    1. thank you for the aloha! i’m feeling better (prescribed steroids are working on the pain, but wow! they don’t allow for much sleep!). i know so many people that try to help with their words of advice, but unless you’ve had a migraine, i don’t think you can understand the debilitating intensity and pain that many of us migraine sufferers experience. it helps to have a partner who gets it and a doctor who listens to you and trusts that you’re not just complaining.

    1. mahalo for your thoughts, Lucy. thankfully, the steroids worked and i’m hoping for a smooth month. i have a bit of a blanket addiction and they are stashed in every room in the house (yes, even in hawaii we enjoy having a blanket to cuddle down in). i’m working up a few more mermaid blankets in beachy colors and am completely loving each one i create. have a great week!

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