“Silence is the communion of a conscious soul with itself.” ~ HD Thoreau

If that’s the case, my soul hasn’t been communing with itself for the last couple weeks. Silence is definitely NOT the rule of the house right now.

Gifts from our hearts for our ‘ohana … and these blankets keep my hands busy

Home projects and fabric stores = happy me

We have really amazing people “IN” our life31.3

His expressions tickle me. His only request for the last day of summer – breakfast at Sweet E’s. So, breakfast it was. With books for both of us. It was really quiet and quite perfect.

Oh, 4th grade – be gentle with the mamas31.6

He’s already got his eyes on other prizes 31.7

Hawaiian style – chickens EVERYWHERE … and dappled sunlight31.8

My wife got competitive. Well, to be honest, all of the athletics staff got competitive. Who said dodgeball was for kiddos?31.9

We do beach days well 31.10

The sun will always come through

We take our nap time seriously – even at the beach. Especially at the beach.

He loves his aunties 31.13

Pooped out. The best place to be is in Mama Panda’s arms31.14

Rainbows and wise words



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