28, 29, 30/52 – good-bye summertime

She’s simply beautiful ❤1

As is our home island. Waikiki sunsets never fail to impress.2

We staycationed – there was a lot of lounging and vegging and snuggles. 3

My sister is obsessed with piggies, as her shorts demonstrate.4

Sisters by heart. We celebrated our sister’s marriage this summer. The getting ready part is always fun – once we wake up. Coffee, stat!

Made up and all fancy pants. Shortstack’s not used to seeing his aunties all dressed up with make-up, hair down and dresses. It was hilarious watching him watch us. 6

It’s pretty freaking amazing what a little bit of make-up can do. Too bad I don’t have the patience or inclination to apply make-up in daily life. 7

The wedding was full of personality. And Star Wars. Apparently the guy is red is an Imperial Guard guy. He’s a bad dude. Supposedly. Doesn’t my sister look beautiful? 8

Hey – look! We’re still looking all fancy pants. 9

Wendy and Shawn gifted the wedding party bonsai plants. I love this! The orchid we were gifted for our wedding is still growing (although its been couple years since it’s flowered) and every time I water it, I think about our wedding day and take a moment to love my wife.

Found these wise words at our library circulation desk. Smart words. Live by them.

He’s home. Life’s getting back to normal. Including our library days. 14

Summer blooms and clouds. Now if we could get the trade winds back, all will be well.

Mama & Shortstack selfies are a favorite past time.

Must. Have. Or must recreate. 17

4th grade classrooms are pretty cool. 4th graders are pretty cool. Now if this Mama can wrap her head around the fact that our boy is a 4th grader. 18

Papa is a go-to for math help. Even during the summer, brainwork must be done. Unfortunately, there was almost 5 weeks of limited use of brain cells, but he’s had several weeks of brain engagement upon his return home. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a shock to his system when school begins. 19

Mermaid tail. Cozy blanket. Perfect for curling up with a book and underwater dreams. This was one of my favorite projects to crochet up. My wife found this pattern and several friends have already placed orders. YAY! 20

The house has been changed up a bit. Yet again. We were generously gifted this couch that has already worked it’s magic – all 3 of us fit comfortably on it and we’ve all staked claim to certain spots. Make your home fit the life you love. 21

It’s back to school for the Shortstack this week. Mama Panda begins her fall insanity with the student athletes making their way back to campus and teams starting their fall seasons. As for me, I’m focusing on keeping the house calm as we get the academic and athletic year started before I begin my courses. I’m headed back to school for my teacher certification. Busy is not a bad thing. You all may need to remind me of that as the year begins to get chaotic.



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