???/52: oh hell – it’s life

Summer’s almost over. Thanks to a DOE calendar fluke, Shortstack’s summer break is very short. We’re bringing him home this weekend and then he jumps into soccer camp and a family wedding. Life is never dull.

Speaking of soccer – if you’re soccer oblivious, you may not have known that the Women’s World Cup was happening in Canada. It boggles my mind to think that 5 years ago I had no clue that the World Cup existed. Ah well – my life is inundated with soccer peeps now. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Especially when they have such sweet hearts and big love for our family. One of Panda’s close, oldest friends whom she used to play soccer with in Aussie-land passed this jersey on to our little boy. Tradition and history, people! It gets me every time! Nads – we love you! xo1a

Australia played and made it to the quarter finals – my wife was crazy-proud.

Every summer I launch myself into a home refresh. I move things around, I deep-clean rooms and closets. This year I added color to our living room floor. It’s true, I may be in a bit of a color rut. I’m sure not complaining.1b

I’ve been prepping for the PRAXIS with plans to go back to school for my teaching certificate. I’ve also been devouring books from my TBR pile, drinking coffee with my love and enjoying slow and quiet weekend mornings. 1e

Summer = shower tree flowers1d

Summer = Friends of the Hawaii Library annual book sale. I usually average 3 trips which, this year, added 62 books to our home library. Seems like a lot but considering the most expensive book I purchase is $4 and I scored on the 1/2 off day.

I was most excited about finding this treasure at this year’s book sale. Banjo is an iconic Australian poet who I’m a bit enamored with. And, I’m half-convinced that our Aussie family is related to him … but I suppose I need to find the ancestry links before I claim that, huh?

Shortstack is obsessed with graphic novels and comics right now. A total new world for me, but I’m happy to oblige – especially when I can find a stash at the book sale.

There’s always this.
The blue path1h

That’s Doris Duke’s Shangri La nestled on the tip of that point. I’ve been walking down to this beach weekly and imagining what her life must have been like, living in that space.

Naupaka 1j
We spent evenings with friends, enjoying happy hours and taking time for the two of us to reconnect and watch the sunset

Don’t believe all the criticism – Waikiki is pretty darn beautiful!1n

Web chats sustain this mama during long summer breaks. 1o

Can’t complain about blue skies – but it’s been freaking HOT . Thank god, the trade winds have returned.1p

I know, I know … 95* is nothing compared to the heat in places like AZ … but 95* in Hawaii … nope! Not for me!!1s

Tropical beauty found everywhere.

Everyone should have a spot. I do. 1r
There was a lot of sorting and cleaning this summer – including the purging and organization of Shortstack’s library. And then I found Book Catalogue. Seriously! Have you people found this app? If not – do so! Especially if you’re a bibliophile. 1t

Yep – we’re UH peeps. And we love our UH Athletics ‘ohana!1u

Papa and I went old skool for 4th of July – we headed down to the Kailua parade like we used to every year as I was growing up. 

LGBTQ peeps represent! Such an AMAZING era for our LGBTQ community and it was emotional to see the celebration in our Independence Day parade. 1aa

Yes, even the linen closet was purged and organized. We’ll see how long this neatness lasts. 1v


There may have been some sunburn. I swear, I applied sunblock. I may have forgotten to reapply. 1x

Cheers! Celebrating a special upcoming wedding!1y

Life’s busy, beautiful and blessed. Enjoy your summer, my friends. It’s swimming by so quickly!



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