“The underwater sand squished down as I found my footing and dismounted. Placing the paddle on the board, I unwound my leash and lifted the board under my right arm to head in. Gage dropped in step to my left and we walked up to the tents where Mama was lounging in her beach chair. Reclined back and book in hand, Mama looked rested for the first time in months. It hit me just how out of sorts she’d been lately and I started to wonder just how drawn out she was from this move and all the crazy changes that we’d been hit by.” {Shelter in Place}

21a 21b 21c Honor and respect
21dFrom the very beginning, the aunties have gifted books to Shortstack and we still enjoy reading them all … even our beginning readers
21e The dry side21f He stands EXACTLY like his Mama Panda. EXACTLY!!21gSolar oven construction … keep it green,peeps!
21h Lights & lines21i This is how I beach day {photo credit to Aunty Kat}21j I am so thankful that Aunty Kat captured this moment – as I lay there with our boy on my shoulder, just taking a moment to check in with each other and soak in the warm quiet, I thought to myself, “I hope I never forget this moment.” 21k Baby Avery’s first ‘Ohana beach day … and Aunty Panda was in heaven holding that little love bug21l

Shortstack has 7 days left of 3rd grade. Two weeks until he heads to the mainland for his summer visit. Yes, time flies … and I’m doing my damnedest to soak in the everyday moments that make up this beautiful life.



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