Hawaiian Time/52

Keep  holding my hand, baby bear … I’d love for you to never let go20.1

Red sunsets … and puffer fish 20.2

Iconic visions of my home

Sometimes you need to bend in order to grow20.4

We had Aussies in town … love!20.5


Shortstack & Mama selfies on our trip taking our Aussies around the island

Our island20.9

She humors me and my picture-taking self far too often20.10

May you always explore and adventure20.11

We maze explored and I suggest that people follow my lead and take shortcuts whenever possible

Aloha kakahiaka

We celebrated our boy … and then told him to put his clothes away so that his drawers can close20.15

House envy

He’s a bit of an addict20.17

Good & meaningful work being done at a conference providing the LGBTQ basics for youth service professionals 20.18

Pinoy pride, peeps! Did I mention how haole I felt?20.19

Life Hawaiian style … take the time to enjoy the world around us til the sun sets

Celebrating all the amazing women in our lives on Mama’s Day20.21

Time with our Aussies is so important to our boy – he is so damn loved … and spoiled!

He is so damn proud and excited about his baby cousin

Old hands (mine) and beautiful flowers20.24

Playing with creativity and watercolors20.25

Chaos is an indication of genius, right? Yes – the desk needs to be cleared

Zoo visit with my loves20.27

Congratulations, Aunty Michi! You are a remarkable woman!20.28

Last baseball game – last UH athletics game – for the 2014-15 season20.29

Lower campus is beautiful … took me a while to figure that out


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