“… everything is ordinary and extraordinary.” (Natalie Goldberg)

The Easter Bunny showed up … it was a surprise visit for all
week15aDuring Shortstack’s first Easter, the EB started a tradition of using the same basket every year. Hey – even the EB knows that being eco-friendly is a good thing! After stashing all his Easter goodies, he was excited to use his basket for our farmer’s market shopping.
week15b I’ve been driving across the ko’olau range daily these past couple of weeks to spend time with my dad while he’s been hospital-bound. With views like this, it’s difficult to get frustrated with the time spent in the car. week15c Water and shadows.week15d Ka pua ‘o naupaka … I love these plants. The flowers bloom in a semicircle; these flowers carry a story of separated lovers (you can find a version of the story here)week15e THIS! This is the memory I want to hold of my boy at 9 yo.week15f I covet few things in this world … but I covet this houseweek15g Final Four watching and cocktail hour. Cocktails for mama, not Shortstack. I promise!week15h Have you seen the “He>I” bumper stickers? Good on you if it’s your thing … this one is more our thing. Kudos to Honolulu Beerworks!week15i Shortstack was our photographer this week. He was loving the yellow shower trees. No, I don’t know if that’s the proper name for them … only what I grew up calling them so that’s what Shortstack is calling them as well. week15j Study hard, baby boy! And soak in the greatness of this space! At the Main Branch of the Hawaii State Library system.week15kWho knew that we’d be the mamas of a graphic novel addict. Never was my thing, never was Panda’s thing, but it sure is Shortstack’s thing!
week15l This little guy kept me company for a 45 minutes while I spent time on the University of Hawaii’s Manoa campus. His eyes were painted with the prettiest sea foam green. week15m My sister loves – and knows – me. If you haven’t tried it yet, PLEASE find a dark chocolate & seasalt bar. It makes life good. week15n We escaped to our favorite camp site this weekend. We usually are set up within an hour (pretty quick when you’re setting up a glamping site, I assure you) and we have our feet in the sand and a beer in our hands very soon thereafter. Not a raindrop in sight. week15oShortstack had SO MANY friends to play with this weekend – we rarely saw the boy except when we required him to sit down to eat something and when it was time to go to sleep.
week15p This is my version of the tree of life. week15qMother nature is a pretty spectacular artist.
week15r Weathered and worn and still standing. week15s One of those rare selfies that I felt compelled to take because my soul was so happy.week15t Change your angle – see things differently. week15u A hallway of sun-kissed leaves.week15v Camping trip success!week15w

May is a few short weeks away. My wife and sister are celebrating their birthdays next week. Our boy has less than two months left as a 3rd grader. It goes too quickly. So squeeze the bliss out of every day, friends.



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