I’ll start out with an apology. This post is a deluge of pictures. But, being that this blog is my little sliver of cyberspace and my memory-keeper (gods know i need it!) I figure that it’s all good. Busy-ness – and business – have taken over our home and my mind. But life’s been loving us well and we’ve been loving life. Can’t ask for more than that. 

mother’s milk … week141312a

standing tall week141312dd

Shortstack made breakfast for me during spring break … week141312w week141312x

The pancakes were AMAZING!week141312y


Who reads … week141312t

Everywhere …week141312u

Anywhere …(this one did take his mamas by surprise – especially since he was supposed to be cleaning his room)week141312o

One of my favorite views of Diamond Head … yes, the one in Waikikiweek141312s

I have a serious addiction … to office supplies … week141312k

There was a soccer tournament. Our first. Well, the first for Shortstack and me.week141312z

Soccer tournaments mean DAYS of soccer. All. The. Time. Many – MANY games going simultaneously. week141312aa

And yet, he reads. He’s such an interesting mix of Mama Panda and I.week141312cc

A soccer mama and her wife.week141312bb

There was bike ridingweek141312d

And running … yeah. I don’t get it. week141312c

Mamas and their babies.week141312gg

Waikiki lightweek141312v

Baseball season is here!week141312p

A glimpse into the teen years that are barreling down on us far too quickly … week141312m

But always a lego addict …week141312l

I’ve been subbing 3rd grade. Boggle rocks! And these kiddos came up with better words that I could!week141312h

“The baby owls thought (all owls think a lot) …” {name that book and you’ll get a prize! well, you won’t. but I’ll be impressed!}week141312i

“The best night ever!” AH, Spaghetti Factory … may you never go away … week141312j

We lit a candle for Nana … she was well-loved and loved well.week141312f

Library time … ain’t nothing like it!

Through the looking glass.week141312e

Oh, my eyes are getting old.week141312b

No words needed …week141312ff

And life moves on … may it move smoothly for you and yours. 


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