“But they rested for a moment in each other.” (May Sarton – Kinds of Love)

Salt water blurs my vision – sea or tears

Digging, building, watching it wash away. Many lessons to be learned in the sand and on the waterweek11b

Bafflement. Never saw this sight before. Yes. I waited 17 minutes, surrounded by a bunch of crazies for a chicken. And then everyone was all shame to reach for the first one so I jumped in and helped myself. Yes, that shame is completely cultural. And my impatience was completely personal.

Waikiki skyline, late afternoon sun and spotted clouds – our world doesn’t suck

There was late-night reading and moments of zoning out, looking at the senior game picture of my sexy-ass wife and our marriage equality self-made signweek11e

I woke up one morning, turned over and found this guy week11f

Art does a soul good

A hospital room with a view. Papa had emergency gallbladder surgery this week. Medical concerns are never fun, but we’re thankful for competent doctors and medical staff that are taking good care of my dad as he heals. Impatiently. It’s fair to say I’m a lot like him.

Waiting room blues. And reds. And a knitting project that will NEVER be done. week11i

Red Army’s last game of the season. The boy where he loves to be – in the goal. week11j

Lay back, look up week11k

The Red Army ‘ohana was an amazing group of players and parents that we got to work with this season! We’re going to miss this crewweek11l

We stopped to look for whales and it devolved into a tickle/boxing/chasing match with these two. Always these two.

Late night cuddles and tired smiles brought an end to a busy, unexpectedly hectic week and welcomed in Spring Breakweek11n


Rest up, people! We plan to. When we can. There’s a first-ever soccer tournament, Papa’s healing, many a meeting, some adventuring and exploring to be done. And, hopefully, some really good nappage.


2 thoughts on “11/52

    1. thank you, friend! i’ve been enjoying going back through our weeks and having a quick glimpse of highlights and reminders of the “little” moments that get lost among the busy-ness of life.

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