“I wanna be ready, I wanna be ready, I wanna be ready when joy comes back to me …” {folk song lyrics}

Beach time and battleship

Sunshine and palm trees – our backyard

They’re silly. They’re mine. week10c

Sometimes life gets topsy-turvy – find the beauty in that

Going old skool


Color coordinated

Doesn’t she just look like a dame?week10g

Tiny church

Library pictures are my favoriteweek10i

Tinola and wine … a preview of the sick days to comeweek10j

Promises, promises …week10k

Sick day #1 … keeping my hands busy and using up my scrap yarn waiting for the Nyquil haze to kick in

Sick day #2 … refusal to nap = time to get the Red-billed OxPecker report doneweek10m

Sick day #3 … nappage achieved!week10n

This is how they basketball. Aunty Reech hasn’t something to say about it.

So, every university does senior night I hear. I also hear that NO ONE does senior night the way UH does. I’d concur. For wahine basketball, there were a couple of hakas, a hula, lei-giving and a ton of crying. #GoBowsweek10q


Starting the week off a little stuffy and still a little achey but it’ll all be good. Oh – i HATE Big Hero 6! Wanna see me blubber? That’ll do it!!


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