A friend asked me, “if 30 is dirty, what is 40?” my answer, “fucking fabulous 40!”

I’m hoping that’s true.

We spend a lot of time beachside …

He seems to also find his solace and center when his toes are in the sand

Moving with the tides, that’s my take-away lesson for this year

He’s becoming a dude in front of my eyes week9d

Ripples. Everywhere. Even in the skies

And more. Ripple away, Mother Nature

I’m into stripes right now. And keeping my hands busy while waiting at ukulele. And I can’t find my bloody E hook! Anyone have any idea where the hell I put it?

Blue and green. Always

Those lashes – that nose – this boyweek9i

Libraries are such an awesome place, just in case you didn’t know

Keeping it real. Books and tv. And pillows (useless, according to my wife) and blankets. I think messes mean that you truly live in your space. Or at least that’s my justification.

Yes – soccer practices are really, really prettyweek9l

I spent my birthday morning on the beach watching some remarkable women of all ages headed out for a morning surf. Seriously, women astound meweek9m

Taking a moment in gratitude because I’ve been stuck in frustration for too long

Our skies are prettier than yours. Um – that’s not nice of me. But, you know … sometimes 40 yo’s are childish

Skyporn – againweek9p

I didn’t yell at the other coach this week. But my ever-beating heart did skip a beat when I really looked at our boy and realized how comfy this boy is in this spaceweek9q

My wife brought me flowers ❤ ❤ ❤week9r

And I bought myself flowers week9s



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