‘”Shush,” went Liz, in a soothing voice. “Dream it gently.” (The Fire Within – Chris D’Lacey)

Be happy. Be you. Always!

Our neighborhood downtown area has been taking on a fresh energy over the past five years. It’s so GOOD to see all the positive vibes and growthweek8b

Sunglass twinsweek8c

We love (and miss!) Aunty Donna and family!week8d

Getting sillyweek8e

These ladies – family – always. (Missed you, Michi!)

Family picture – CHEESE!week8g

Celebrating the Chinese new year – year of the goat … may it be prosperous and joyful for all of us!week8h

Shells – always. Beauty in the pieces … week8i


SMILE … Mama’s looking a bit flushedweek8k

Good morning, clouds … 

Subbing in the boy’s class makes me mushy when I know he’s got my back … always special to hear Shortstack say, “Mama, you’re doing a good job!” week8n

Red roof – green tree – butterscotch light

Fresh and old

Flowers within flowersweek8q

After ripping apart, cutting, ripping through and reconfiguration this novel of mine is making me glow. I’m not lost in the forest of my mind anymore. week8r

Grey days with coffee. Do you spell it “grey” or “gray”?week8s

Baby found a new hideout … GO WAHINE! week8t

GO BOWS! Congrats to Wahine basketball team … 11-game winning streak … amazing effort and work from players and coaches!



Kung hei fat choy!


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