“Do not hurry; do not rest.” (Goethe)

Diamond Head sunsets  with friends, a beach walk and my loves celebrating the season and successes of the Wahine Soccer teamweek6a

I started my week with the intention of walking this {evil} hill once a day. Health, my friends, is fleeting. Accountability, for me, is necessary. So, a picture at the end of each godawful trudge up the hill.


Our boy worked on his first-ever real research project. Lord, times have changed! No hard-covered Encyclopedia Britannica these days. Cool trivia: red-billed oxpeckers eat ear wax and dung beetles make little boys belly-laugh in disgusted delight.


We added a new-to-us chair to the family. I’m in love – history, character and comfort. Yes, please!week6d

Apparently, it works for the boy too.week6l

I had my first sub teaching job this week. The sunrise was promising.week6k

There was a car boo-boo. No one was hurt. The Jeep Laredo barely noticed that there was collision. My car, on the other hand … well, that’s what insurance is for. week6f

Yes, please …

Kitchen love … time for me to center and regroup.week6gSoccer practice love


Saturday morning giggles

UH Softball back in season … I’ve learned a lot about athletics in the last 5 years. Most importantly, our athletics peeps are AMAZING!week6j

Creating your own path … it’s hard. It’s confusing. But I’m getting there. I think …


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