January Darlings

  • How to Write  A Personal Essay. working on my writing has been enlightening. i figure out just how much i don’t know when i try to get it done. this article gave me a lot to consider when i revisit my works-in-progress
  • Wholly Ordinary. if you journal, write or just want a place of your own to reflect, TAKE THIS COURSE! i’ve taken one of Amanda’s writing courses before (Write Now). this one has shook me up more than i expected. i wanted to explore other ways to use my journaling practice – i did NOT expect to have the emotional reflections that i have had
  • May Designs. would you be surprised to learn that i love notebooks. these have been my favorites for a couple of years. i order a couple of blank grid ones to customize as our family planners using some bullet journal and weekly calendar elements. i’ve ordered them for Shortstack’s end-of-year teacher gifts as well. customizable, quality and elegantly casual
  • Old Navy Shorts. i live in these. seriously. okay, okay. i get it … those of you who are still dealing with feet of snow are throwing me dirty looks. but one of these days, the warm sunny days will find you again. and this is what i’ve learned – being a stay-at-home mama has toned down my dress code. dramatically. these shorts are comfy; i can dress them up or down; they’re durable and will take me through the days with no fuss
  • Pitbull Love. ‘nuf said!
  • Posie Gets Cozy Winterwonder Sampler. cross stitch is my craft to master this year. Alicia Paulson’s blog is one of my favorite daily visits but it’s her yarn and fiber work that astounds me

… and just a few more … just because

  • Fridge porn … one of these days i’ll be this organized. probably not. but it’s good to have goals, right?
  • i’d live in this shop if i could
  • books. ink. YES PLEASE!

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