“It’s important, baby girl, that you be careful – be careful with the plants, be careful with the earth, be careful with your people. All of these things may look strong but at the roots, we are all so very, very fragile.” (a current work-in-progress)


We headed to the Honolulu Zoo for a ramble. My two monkeys took the day in easy-going stride.week5l

ROAR in this life, little boy …week5b

We’re all beautiful in our unique ways … but these guys still trip me out.week5a

Sometimes the start to a rough week demands a quick trip to healing waters … and an epic battle for our own warrior.week5d

Our room is curtained in vines.  SWOON-worthy!week5f

A week of art and academics. Some catching up and recalibrating. Being a 3rd grader isn’t always easy. And sometimes mamas need to remember that.


Reminders everywhere to count our blessings. This is a houseless encampment that has been established in an industrial area of Honolulu. Heartbreaking enough that it is so large, an eloquent statement of just how many people don’t have a place to call home. Heartwrenching because of the number of families with children are calling this encampment home. week5e

Breakfast is truly my favorite meal of the day. Coffee. Cilantro. Chalula. You got me!week5c

I reserve my yarn work for the evenings when my wife and I can catch up and soak in some togetherness. No matter how hard the days – hers or mine – these minutes are precious.week5h

I had no idea how my heart would stupid-silly-smile when I says my little boy fall in love with reading. NO. IDEA. But now I do. week5i


Superbowl Sunday is upon us. This is the first Superbowl Sunday in I-don’t-know-how-long that 1) I don’t give a crap who wins 2) I’d prefer both teams lose 3) I’m not cooking a feast 4) I won’t be in my pi’s all day. Not a bad thing, but still. For those of you who like one team or another … good for you. Hope you enjoy the game.

Not sure why these days speed by so quickly. I’m doing my damnedest to soak in the greatness of each day.






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