“You have love and family and an unmovable will to protect both.” Words from a wise woman.

Early morning pastels and quiet water = family recipe for relaxation

Rock climbing Hawaii style. Surf shorts and bare feet required.week4c

What a face. My not-so-little-rockstar. week4d

Just crusin’ for breakfast



A rare solo selfie.week4e

Birds on a wire. I’m loving the lines.week4g

#SOTU. Our family is amazed and grateful for the progress that has been made in this country for marriage equality. Equal protections. Equal rights. And so much respect for our president.


Library afternoons.


Our son’s school campus is one of the most beautiful places in our neighborhood. The trees. The light. Amazeballs!

This cat. Diva. Antisocial. Pissy. But so damn cute. work4j

Family. Sun. Sand. week4b

We don’t have it all figured out. I don’t have it all figured out. But I hold to these people and these people hold onto me. I’m okay. And this life is blessed.




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