Sometimes life is blurry and beautiful …

The Byodo-In Temple at the Valley of the Temples, on the windward side of the island, is soaked in peace.  It was established to commemorate the Japanese immigrants in Hawaii.

The Bon-sho (sacred bell) is rung to create a sense of tranquility. I’m not sure our son creates a sense of tranquility, but it was worth a shot.week3a

This boy surprises me every day … i love that, at 9 years old, he is figuring out his own way to find peace.week3c


As always, we support our team …

We all need gentle snuggles some times.

We were layered in vog this week.


Soccer practice is my meditation time, apparently.week3i

Open space. Even in the middle of Honolulu.week3j

Mama love. Always.

Holiday party meant qt with aunties and uncles. And being spoiled.


Today is MLK Day … our little family is grateful and appreciative for all those who have come before and stand with us even now as we continue to pursue marriage equality and civil rights for all. Go through this life with love and respect, my friends …


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