#yarnalong: Christmas in January

Good morning, sunshine!ya1.1In the past five years, we have celebrated Christmas during its proper season only once. The holidays for us consist of travel – us as a family or our Shortstack going to his Arizona family – so our holiday celebrations tend to happen after the season has wrapped up. Our closest circle tends to gather after all the decorations are put away and the new year is well and truly started {it’s quite possible that our Christmas 2013 celebration simply got lost in the shuffle – ah well, that’s the way we roll}. There are some benefits to celebrating the season later … especially for those of us who 1) procrastinate 2) are a bit slow on the crafting uptake 3) don’t like to be pressured to conform to the stressful expectations of the norm. Yes, I’m talking about me.

Our family tends to gift small and homemade. Especially after this past year when our financial landscape has changed dramatically since I left my job. But, by nature, we don’t do the whole crazy-holiday-shopping deal. At home, my wife and I don’t do gifts – we indulge in little stocking-stuffer goodies, but nothing big. For our circle, I tend to go with themes. I will admit, the last celebrated holidays were all about pi’s … everyone needs a comfy set of pi’s! Oh! Last year was Aussie treats! I suppose I should revise my former statement, shopping does happen. Well, not this year. I’m onto another theme {you may be able to deduce from the pictures below} … and I’ll share the finished products later – but, well, our holiday party is this Saturday so, you know … trying to hold onto a little suspense.

ya1.3ya1.2Is it normal for you to find Legos stationed on your works-in-progress? It is for me. It’s also, apparently, normal to step on Legos while getting my morning yoga on. Ah, the life of a mama of a kid who loves Legos. ya1.4I’m taking on the task of sorting, organizing and cataloging my yarn stash. I think it’s fair to say I’m addicted to yarn. I think it’s fair to say that I need to have a separate job simply to support this habit of mine. Ah well … the Etsy venture has had a slow start, but I haven’t given up … new ideas brewing … new products that could create my own niche space in the market … ah, we shall see.

And now … to get on with it … I have a few projects to finish off before Saturday rolls around.


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