“I feel sure that we are meant to love many people in many different ways …” (May Sarton)

2015 will include a bit more exploration closer to home. My wife and I headed out to Kaena Point – the Oahu version of a road trip.

week2aweek2bweek2cThank god for technology – web chats rock!

week2dHearts on the line ❤

week2h“…we only have what we are, but on the condition that we give all that is in us.” (May Sarton)

week2jKitty love – even from a kitty diva – is a treat week2k

“… the measure of your solitude is the measure of your capacity for communion. The measure of your awareness of God’s transcendent call to each person is the measure of your capacity for intimacy with others.” (Henri JMM Nouveau)week2lLight and linesweek2n

We’ve had a few chilly weeks in Hawaii.week2o

Mamahood is the BEST thing that has ever happened in my life!week2p

We jumped right back into the soccer season … Mama Panda and Shortstack practice and play, I walk and watch.week2q week2r week2s week2t week2uOur family is home safe and sound. 2015 now has our full attention. The holiday decorations have come down, furniture shifted, new stacks of books to be read, new movement of energy. Things are happening. I can feel it. Changes are coming … may they be meaningful.


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