3 Years Earns You Leather

3 years ago I married my best friend – the person who inspires me to be a better version of me – the woman who astounds me with her selflessness and integrity.

3 years ago we had the party of our dreams. We were blessed to celebrate our family surrounded by our closest peeps, all who stood witness to our commitment to love and grow and move through this life together. And, yes, there may have been a commitment on my part to – you know – be a fan of UH Athletics. But, I think that may depend upon your interpretation.

And – just because I can and because this day 3 years ago was a FREAKIN BLAST … here are a few snippets of what this day looked like. Credit to our friends (Cheri Hashimoto knows how to plan a shindig! If you need some event planning in Hawaii, let me know, I have the person for you!) – they all pitched in to make our day spectacular. From the alcohol train to the Aussie dessert feast table, from the photography of the remarkable Geralyn Camarillo to the DJ talents of Shawn Ho and the rolling-on-the-floor-awesomeness of my wife’s (and Aussie family in accompaniment) karaoke talents … the day will forever be one of my favorites!

DSCN0391 DSCN0426 IMG_9274 IMG_9320_2 IMG_9362 IMG_9374 IMG_9410_2 IMG_9425 IMG_9464_2 IMG_9548 IMG_9592 IMG_9600
IMG_4071IMG_4017So, my love, thank you for an eventful and rewarding journey so far. Apparently, for 3 years of marriage insanity you have earned … LEATHER! Hmmmm … maybe I’ll get you new shoes? Or should I simply say …

Happy anniversary, Beautiful! I am the luckiest woman because I get to walk beside you through this life.




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