“To me, it’s one big story about love.” (Luanne Rice – Stone Heart)

We have one more week until the Shortstack is home. Until then, it’s still “tis the season” in our house; we have presents to unwrap and stockings to unload, the rainbow lights remind us the the holidays are lingering just a bit longer than usual until we’re all safe, sound and settled to ring in the new year.

We said good morning with the sun at the edge of our island on the last day of 2014.

week1fWe’re headed that way.


She’ll lead and I’ll follow. Then we’ll switch. But, usually, we walk together.


Santa knows how to roll – local style.


Royal elegance at the Pink Palace in Waikiki.

Urban living – with chickens.

week1hFarmer’s Market on the back slope of Diamond Head. The produce is local and delish, the prepped food makes my mouth water. One of these days I WILL try the fried green tomatoes!

week1lClear skies and crossed lines.

week1jSunrise in a flower.



Blue skies. Blue flowers.

week1mOur skies like to put on a show for us.


May 2015 be gentle with us all …



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