Hodge Podge and Rainbow Lights

No matter how well we try to plan. No matter that there’s only one mama working right now. No matter that we carefully pick and choose how extended we are during this time of year … it’s still and always busy.

I love the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years. It’s always been my time of year to curl into myself; settle into my favorites – coziness, intimacy, alone time, family, words, music, rainbow lights, celebration and rituals. There was a brief era in my life during which I was ambivalent towards the holidays, but becoming a mama reminded me how much I love falling into the magic of this season.

Shortstack will be spending several weeks with his Arizona family, so we have been enjoying all the minutes in between – soaking up all the lights and magic and togetherness.


comicxmasWe get our beach time in whenever we can – and our Kaena Point drive included dolphin sightings; a delight for our Aussies. Our winter sunsets and afternoon clouds have been putting on a show. Every day. Cuddle time is a home requirement. I got my craft on and made a new holiday wreathe. Honolulu Hale always puts on a spectacular Christmas tree and lights display; this year we hit up city hall with friends. This mama spent most of my time getting inspired by the Christmas trees that are created by all of the city and county departments for ornament ideas. One of the trees blew my mind – all of the flowers are made from recycled materials (plastic bottles, cans, etc.). I’m not sure how to make that happen at home … but, well – inspiration struck. We found an angel piggy … just for my sister! Did some holiday browsing and found llama/alpaca (depending upon your perception) pjs. SERIOUSLY! Except for the pink, they are AWESOME! Got some holiday time in at Grandma and Papa’s – I have to point out, their Christmas tree hasn’t changed in 39 years. Every single holiday picture over the past four decades has the identical tree in the background. We are serious about our wine shopping – big box style. The Liholiho 3rd graders ROCKED their Christmas program. All of us were wondering what Tutu was bringing to good girls and boys over the 12 days of Christmas. But mostly, we sit under the rainbow of Christmas lights – read comics (Shortstack’s newest obsession), crochet, Big Bang marathon viewing and hot chocolate drinking.  Cuddle in, friends. Thank your lucky stars. Merry, happy and all that jazz …



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