#yarnalong: Sickday and a Quiet House

We’re not-quite sick today. A little bit of feeling icky. A bothersome cough. A nagging tickle at the back of the throat and the base of the ears. So, the Shortstack stayed home from school and this mama is still in her pj’s.


My hands haven’t been full of yarn recently. I am {slowly} working on a few holiday gifts. But, otherwise, my yarn work has slowed down considerably. But the reading is so good. For me and for Shortstack. The Sudoku isn’t mine … that’s my wife’s deal. I don’t have the patience. Nor do I feel the need to look at numbers. There’s no relaxation or enjoyment in it for me. But – hey – to each their own, right? The Aussie slippers though … those were a little present from Shortstack’s favorite Aussie aunty. I’m crushing on those slippers – they are definitely going to be a fun addition to our Christmas tree this year.


I bought myself some flowers yesterday. We have a fairly busy week of friends coming over for meals and catching up before the holiday insanity hits all of us. So, grocery shopping became flower-gazing which somehow turned into flower-buying. Doesn’t happen often … but when it does, I go with the flow.

I suppose cliche’s become cliche’s for a reason, huh? “Go with the flow.” It’s a good one. And one that we’re rolling with today.


2 thoughts on “#yarnalong: Sickday and a Quiet House

    1. hi, jayne! it’s been a pretty quiet sick day and i’m hoping that we’ll all be back to normal tomorrow. where in australia do you live? my wife is an aussie who’s been in hawaii for almost 20 years – but her family and many of our friends who still live there often visit us and bring a bit of aussie fun with them. =)

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