#yarnalong: my current obsessions


#yarn #crochet #OHMYGOD

Freakin’ hashtags. I’m obsessed. Or addicted. Maybe a bit of both. I blame it all on #instagram. Can I do that? Well, even if not … I am.

There’s a bit of internal stress happening. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s been several months since I left my job and, well, things haven’t exactly been clipping along as hoped. My Etsy shop is slow; there’s been blips of business … but, so quiet. I was realistic in my hopes when I launched the shop – but, well, it’s been SO quiet. As for other ventures – shall we say that the Hawaii DOE tends to move a bit slower than chilled honey. So, still waiting for the substitute teaching thing to get moving.

It’s fair to say that the internal and family stress is building. And, yes, a big part of that is me being unsettled about not knowing what’s next.


But the time I’ve been able to put into my writing. OH! What a luxury. And writing I have been doing. And reading – for research and for curiosity. The more time I devote to my writing, the more I want to read. I want to know how other authors weave and navigate through stories and characters. I want to see how other characters are given breath – and attitude – and lives. And I need the depth of information and fact and experience to flesh out my own stories. Yes – “Secrets of Tarot” is giving me a lot to think about. Anyone else find themselves wondering how the unknown is so damn alluring for us?

And the crochet time.

The holidays for us are usually low-key. Thanksgiving is spent in pjs, at home, on the couch with an excessive amount of carb-ladened food taking up every millimeter of space on our kitchen table. Over the past years – partially because I hate malls during the holidays, partly because, well, budgets! And, partly because I am trying to be more conscientious about keeping our lives simple and gifting our friends/family something that is meaningful, our gifts tend to be small and homemade. This year, there’s a lot of yarn work happening. Thankfully we’re celebrating Christmas in January after our boy comes home from his holiday trip to his AZ family because there’s no way I’ll be pau (done) by December.

All the while, Dory’s singing in my mind … “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, #justkeepswimming … ”

And the hashtag obsession continues …

#bookaddict #yarnaddict #gottadowhatyougottado




2 thoughts on “#yarnalong: my current obsessions

    1. mahalo nui loa, jayne, for your sweet thoughts … i keep telling myself that i have some lessons to learn in this life chapter. and i keep plugging along with my Etsy shop. if nothing else, i keep learning more about online marketplaces, meet really cool people and am ALWAYS creatively inspired!

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