Joining In: Yarn Along (with Ginny Sheller of Small Things blog)


I miss the conversations. The connections. The energy that happens when you have to interact with others. That is what I miss from my former life in the working world. Sometimes I miss that. But this brief interlude is feeding the introvert tendencies of my soul. I am reading. Really, REALLY reading. Everything. Every genre. Every style. Every age range. Previous reads, old favorites, new discoveries. I’ve realized that if I disliked a book the first time around, giving it a second try is a worth-while endeavor. BUT, if I didn’t finish the book the first time around, I likely won’t finish it the second time around. All this reading has made me marvel – again – at how COOL writers are. Not just writers who are rock stars. Not just writers who have people waiting on baited breath for their new books to be released (that being said, I am looking forward to picking up Anne Rice’s newest novel!). But all writers. Those new to the scene. Those that have been lost to memory and will only be found on the shelves of your local library. Those that have been agent-signed and are doggedly trying to get their work picked up by a publisher. Those who have self-published. Those who haven’t been published. Those who don’t want to be published. Writers are cool. Because inside their brains, they create worlds. And those worlds have characters who live lives that make us want to know more, understand more, feel more. Seriously. Coolness abounds in writers.    yarnalong1Right now, I’m doing my darndest to get 26 little ghosts crocheted before Thursday evening so that Shortstack can have the Halloween treats he wants to gift to his classmates. I’m not big on giving candy to his class; let’s face it – everyone else will be giving candy and then they’ll all go trick-or-treating for more candy and be sugared up beyond this mama’s tolerance. So, friendly crocheted ghosts it is. And reading: Sisterhood. This is my first Helen Bryan book I’ve picked up. Oh! I’m hooked! The story – a blend of history, self-discovery, identity and religion with a strong (and young) female protagonist who is complex and vulnerable … yes, please!

It’s been weeks of quiet retreat for me. And, possibly, the change of seasons that I see happening on the continent fuels my longing for hibernation. I believe that, with each year that passes through, I get a little better at deeply listening to what I need internally in order to live better. So, I soak in the words of others, I keep my fingers busy with projects for my loves and I let my mind take the wanderings it needs to as I make my way into whatever comes next.




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