Just a Peek

You must learn
To walk alone
To hold
The precious
To bring home
And keep the precious
That is left
Of yourself.
~Alice Walker
home_b1  fair_b1tree_b1pumpkins1_b1pumpkins2_b1stadium_b1bday_b1

We’ve created a new normal. It’s not as crazy and chaotic as it was with both mamas working. There is more time for homework and home-cooked meals without the packaged insanity that creeps through when the whole family is simply trying to keep up with their days. There is time to sit in quite and to dream. There is space and minutes for words to sink through the layers of distraction and scattered brain cells. There are moments of self-meditation with a mug in hand and dreams of what may be next forming and drifting and morphing and dissipating. There are pictures – so many pictures – of moments that this mama hopes to always hold. Especially since that boy is becoming a man far too quickly. And there are seconds of reassurance – of reaching for my wife’s hand – and feeling that bedrock is firm and strong and secure.

Happy fall, my friends … may it be a season of rest and feathering your nest.


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