• CA family vacation was fun and the perfect get-away for all of us
  • drop-off happened and the countdown to our boy’s return is underway
  • we’ve been celebrating with our friends – weddings, kicking cancer’s butt, daily life … so many moments of awesomeness
  • date nights have been good for us
  • library wonderings have allowed me to discover new-to-me writers
  • beach walks and sunsets are soothing to my soul
  • i haven’t cooked a meal in a week … not sure what to thaink about that
  • soccer rules our world right now (a little thing called the “World Cup”). i have some making up to do as my wife watched only one game of the last World Cup … and, yes, that was totally MY fault
  • i’ve been looking at a blank page quite often lately. the words just aren’t there. and that’s ok. i’m ok.
  • papa’s chemo/radiation cycles are almost pau. when baby gets home, we’ll celebrate BIG
  • sleep is a challenge for both of us – but we keep on keeping on, hoping that things will get a bit easier in our jobs in the second half of this year

ok, my angels … keep our boy safe and happy …

my peeps … hope all is well with you … xoxo


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