Mediations: Kokua, Cancer, Technology


… and sometimes we need to help ourselves more than we need to kokua {help}  others. But – most often we don’t hear the pleading and needs of our own souls so we move through our days without reaching within … to serve our own souls, to heal ourselves, to gift ourselves with what we most want or need. And so many of us are scared of wanting; we have been trained to believe that wanting is wrong – immoral – selfish – evil. But I have to believe that if our soul is wanting, than our spirit – our self – is proclaiming that there is something or someone or some experience in this universe that can enrich our life. There is a difference between knowing what your soul wants and what your ego covets. And it may be that one of the greatest faults of our current era is that it so loudly filled with ego that we are unable to discern the difference between ego envy and soul desires. So, of course, we can’t kokua ourselves. So, my soul … what can I do on this day and in this time to kokua you? How can I serve you so that my time in this world is profound and valuable? How can I shut down my ego long enough to hear my soul desires?

‘Ohana ~ Purpose ~ Moments ~ Love  … the desires are simple. The process of life ~ providing and fulfilling these desires … profound …


On another note … FUCK cancer …


And on yet another note … yes, this is me with technology …



Here’s to the weekend … have a good one, peeps! xoxox


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