Reset and Resettled

sunset1_22March sunset2_22March sunset3_22March sunset4_22March sunset5_22March

Spring Break for Shortstack just wrapped up. We’re all back to school and work and the daily grind. But while he was gone, Panda and I decided that we would give our bodies a bit of a break from the coffee and fun beverages (read: cocktails and wine and beer) and processed foods and the sweets. All the stuff that I enjoy consuming. It took me almost twenty years to learn to enjoy how to eat so now that I do,  I’m more than a little reluctant to relinquish that enjoyment. But I knew that my body needed a bit of a reset. It had been years (as in, before I gave birth to Shortstack) since I last took the time and energy to detox and cleanse my body. My sister-friend had suggested a cleanse that she had tried last year and Panda and I decided we’d give it a try while the boy was in Arizona for his Spring Break visit. We jumped into this cleanse – neither of us were particularly looking to lose weight, we both just wanted to give our bodies a rest and to re-calibrate – and prepared to hibernate a bit as we made our way through this process. Within the first day I was achingly missing my coffee. And food. And – more so – cooking food. And then the headaches began to set it. And then the ickiness began to creep through my body. Oh, it was crap. I’m nowhere near the coffee-addict that I had been pre-Shortstack days; I usually drink one or two cups of coffee in the morning. There are days that I go without. But – oh good lord! – the caffeine withdrawal headaches that descended upon me were debilitating. They induced migraines – all of which were more painful than they had been since my surgery last year. Tears and head buried under the pillow.  And my body felt like crap. Lethargic and achey. So not okay. But I kept on because – although I have crappy willpower when it comes to health-related things, my wife freaking ROCKS the willpower realm. Day 1. Day 2. Day 3. By Day 4, I was ready to commit a felony. Yes – it was that ugly. But our breaking point was when my willpower-determined wife came home from coaching Shortstack’s soccer practice looking pale and flat-out done. Within moments I was in the kitchen, taking stock of what we had available to cook, chopping and throwing together a light veggie-chicken tortilla soup to break our self-induced fast/cleanse/detox/torture. We were pau (done). And we were fine with it. We didn’t quite make it the recommended length of 10 days, but I was fine with it. I gave my body a break. I purged much of the crap out of my system. And my body took a little bit of downtime to reset and re-calibrate.

And then I returned to enjoying the little tasks of life – in our home – in my kitchen – which put me at ease. Plotting meals, gathering random ingredients, chopping, sauteeing, frying, pouring a glass of wine, tasting and seasoning. Serving my wife a meal. Sitting down to a dish with food that I made myself, to our tastes, with our favorite ingredients and enjoying the edible creation that I made. And life returned to normal. And normal is what I enjoy.

Shortstack made his way home after his visit to Arizona. We were pleased that he enjoyed himself away but quickly realized that the last couple of days before our return to the daily routine would be dominated with all of the Spring Break-assigned homework that was not completed while away. As frustrating as it may be for our kids and for ourselves to find homework assigned during vacations and breaks, we know it has to get done. So, after having a serious conversation with our 8-year-old about his duty to take care of his kuleana (responsibilities) even when there are other, more desirable things to do, we all settled in to HOURS of math worksheets (32 of them!) and reading time. I think most parents are impressed by their kids – and when parents see their kids working hard to take care of business, parents tend to get all mushy with pride. Gotta tell you – Panda and I aren’t any different. We were so damn impressed with our boy – he sat his butt down, and for the next almost-6 hours, he worked his way through all 32 worksheets. And then he spent a couple of hours reading. What a kid we’ve been blessed with! By the end of that study session everyone in the house was ready to get-the-heck-out! We packed it up and headed to the beach. Swimming, playing, floating, grilling, talking, relaxing. Resettling. That was the order of business for the rest of the day. Oh! And sitting in a pile of togetherness as we watched another magnificent sunset.

And now we’re all good to go. Reset and resettled and ready to take on all that the rest of this semester has to offer. Yes. I know. I function on the academic calendar. Just deal with it. I finally have learned to do so.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the sunset. All of them were taken with my phone and without a filter. Sometimes I love technology!


All’s right with my world once again!



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