Doing the work …


I accompanied Shortstack’s class on a field trip adventure yesterday. Along with a bus-full of 7 and 8 year-olds, we spent the day hiking through the old-growth forests of Makiki Valley, fishing in a stream and bug collecting. I’m sure you can guess my least-favorite activity (yes, the bug collecting was not to my liking) but the rest of it … the rest of it fed my soul yesterday. There was a lot of breathing done yesterday. And smiling. And giggling. And exploring. And cuddling. And, by the time Shortstack and I got home and showered (love the mud but it was good to wash it off) I was ready to shut my head and body down for a much-needed rest. Sleep has been eluding me lately: deadlines at work, books that demand to be read, Shortstack leaving for his spring break travel and being away from us for a week, a story that is pulling me for attention, to-do lists merry-go-rounding in my head … all of it has made for restless, crappy sleep. But yesterday afternoon, Shortstack and I curled up in a cuddled-up pile and we both fell fast asleep. As in, neither of us moved or noticed when Mama Panda got home. Ukulele lesson was almost missed. Dinner ended up being Subway sandwiches. That kind of dead-to-the-world fast asleep.

So a reminder to my soul – when you’re restless and wound up, go for a walk under the trees and through the mud. It’ll do you good.


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