Celebrate Love Every Day

VD_Collage1love is …

*fragile, gentle, flexible, miraculous, enduring, evolving, forgiving, amazing …

*coffee in the AM and your loves knowing to wait to talk to you until the first few sips

*someone else taking over the AM shift so you can close your eyes for another 24.2 minutes

*making a special breakfast because of everyday victories the day before and long work hours the day ahead

*laundry done without complaint by one

*previewing episodes of Criminal Minds and know which ones certain people can watch and which are better left in the queue

*tucking mama in with a blanket from the living room

*2:36 AM cuddles when Shortstack’s hands are feeling tingly

*workday IMs just to check in and remind each other that you are being loved

*snuggled up on mama’s shoulder and drifting off to sleep

*baseball games with the family, eating hotdogs, crochet in hand and cheering on our boys

*walking through the house at the end of the night, closing up, breathing out prayers of gratitude and love, curling next to your One and knowing how lucky you are to be given another day



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