Just a Little Bit Off

this was one of those weeks when i just couldn’t figure it out. i thought that tuesday was wednesday. and that wednesday was thursday. and i didn’t realize that today being friday means that its the END of the week until i looked at my appointment schedule and realized that i don’t see students for the next couple of days. i’m just a little bit off right now. so, excuse the ping-pong randomness that’s happening in my brain. i just ate a package of salty-worcestershire-sauced snack mix and realized that it makes my coffee taste funny so i’m a bit out-of-sorts right now. especially since i really didn’t WANT the snack mix. it just sounded good. and then it took me 7 trys to spell “i’m” correctly. so, if this space confuses you today … well, now you have a clue.

have you seen frozen yet? if not, you should. everyone should have an olaf. i want an olaf. i think that an olaf would love living in hawaii.

justoff5_frozenthere’s A LOT of buzzing excitement in our house about THIS movie. seriously. legos and movies. that’s a match made in Neverland for our little man. a note about movies since, well – since i can … we don’t see them often. movies at the movie theatre are FREAKIN EXPENSIVE. so, movie theatre owners – if you’re out there and randomly reading this itty-bitty family blog that has, like, 7 people who read it … but if one of them is a movie theatre maven/owner, could you PRETTY PLEASE not charge an arm, leg and kidney for a family to catch a movie? i promise you that you’ll see us more often. by the way, do you spell “theatre” with an “-re” or “-er”?

justoff7_logoKAwe love aunty jeannie … and tend to get in trouble with her often. but she comes up with the COOLEST halloween costume ideas. seriously – you do NOT want to be in a costume contest against this woman. i promise, she will school you!

justoff4_jeanniei miss this woman. she makes really yummy coffee in the AM … not that SHE needs it, just the people around her. that’s really the only way we can keep up with her. and SHE tends to be in a trouble with this mama often. but that’s what we love about her. well, part of what we love about her.

justoff3_kyliei have the greatest brother-in-law IN THE WORLD! just saying …

justoff2_shanemy wife gives me butterflies … seriously, you know you are blessed when daily life makes you smile …

justoff8_wifesometimes daily life is random and messy and just a pile of strangeness … kind of like what happens in my car

justoff1i really like words. like, REALLY like them. i think that they make the best art. so, i randomly write down some of my favorite sayings and quotes and tape ’em up to my office wall. i figure we all could use some inspiration and life reminders … and it’s good to have stuff on the walls for my students to look at when they don’t want to look at me.

justoff9_words{sidenote: i referred one of my students this week to the quote second from the bottom. she was so stunned that i said that to her; after almost-a-minute of silence, she bust out laughing.}

well, my dears … i hope that y’all can get your feet under you so you can fully enjoy this weekend. it is the weekend, right? i think it is. so, i’ll roll with that … happy friday, friends!






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