Wake them with love …

Mornings are not easy during the week. In our house, not one of us is a get-up-and-go kind of person. Shortstack, who was always an early riser has undergone a bit of a change; during the week, convincing him to emerge from his pile of blankets before 6:30 takes a lot of coaxing, whereas on weekends he is up and going by 6:15 – ready to take on the day. Especially if he can persuade one or both of his mamas that cartoon time is warranted. Although I have made it a habit to be the first out of bed and, most recently, try to do so before 5:30 creeps up on me, I despise mornings. But I have found a sweet spot in this morning ritual that I have been cultivating.

Ideally, I roll myself out of bed trying my darndest to not wake my wife (if she’s actually sleeping). I’ll make my way to one of my favorite curl-up spots and drape whichever blanket is closest over my legs. And then I journal. I affirm my gratitude. I purge my thoughts. I let my mind wander. I write gibberish on a page. I vent my frustrations. I put my fears and hopes and ponderings on a page. Sometimes I write the alphabet. I pick up a book – right now it’s May Sarton’s Journal of Solitude – and I let the words flow through me. Some words, lines, thoughts will hit a nerve and I will often copy those down. I give myself a few minutes to just sit in the luxury of reading without a specific task-oriented purpose (as opposed the bulk of the reading and processing that happens during the workday in which everything I read is purposeful and targeted to academic situations). By this time, the coffee has brewed and I’m ready for my first cup. And by this time, I am ready to start the day from a centered-space as I let myself come to the day quietly. And gently.

And it’s time to rouse my loves.

This morning, as I was walking through the kitchen, turning on the lights and making my way to wake my wife and turn the lights on in Shortstack’s room, my spirit reminded me, “Wake them with love.” After all, weekday mornings are rough. And tired eyes and sleepy souls deserve a gentle call to start the day. I appreciate my spirit voice and reminders such as this. Leaning over Panda and gently persuading her to start the day and then moving on to Shortstack and waking him with cuddles and “good morning” seemed to help all of us start the day with a smile.


Friends, be gentle with yourselves and the ones you love.



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