Opening the door …


… for whatever is to come, I suppose.

Welcome, 2014. And well come this new year – of possibility. Of promise. Of hope. Of creation. Of whatever is to be. Or should I say, of whatever I make of it?

But before I open the door to the new, I am grateful for the past. 2013 was a full year for me and our family. Major surgery, focus-shifting from work burdens to embracing and reveling in the fun that comes with living in Hawaii, little-boy growth and changes – including the continuous emergence of Shortstack’s BIG personality, a few health issues in family members, international travel, ownership of developing personal/professional facets (yes, I call myself a writer now), skill development and marriage equality. Yes, 2013 was a massive year for us. And one that I am happy to see wrapped up.

So, 2014 … with all of what could – and may – and will – and won’t happen, I am happy to see you walk through our front door. I am wise enough (thanks to 39ish very eventful years on this earth) to know that these next 12 months will be characterized by change and movement. I hope that this year will find me willingwilling to be open to new opportunities and pathways, willing to yield control (or illusion of control), willing to be silly and late and off-kilter and wrong and empathetic and sad and excited and hopeful, willing to take 15 minutes for a bed-time story past bed-time and curling up with our little boy as he drifts to sleep and murmurs about his day, willing to breathe for 15 minutes with my wife as we enjoy a cocktail together and let our eyes rest on the beauty of this place we choose to live, willing to jump into the {cold} water because the 20 minutes spent floating in the ocean carries me peacefully for the next 20 hours of stress at work, willing to believe that  – although i may not perfectly execute my ventures for 2014, they will be worthy of the effort and i will be successful at what i set out to do, willing to say out-loud that i am uncertain and scared and worried but confident that all will be well in the end.

Here’s to being willing … may you and yours find happiness and peace and success in 2014 … and may you all be willing to embrace all that 2014 could possibly offer.



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