World Cup 2014 – For the Soccer-Ignorant

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{Image courtesy of}

Hello. My name is Lisa. I have A LOT of soccer in my life. And there is going to be a lot more as we go into 2014. If you don’t know why, don’t worry – I wouldn’t have either. Except I married a soccer addict. And we are parents of a soccer addict. And I am surrounded by soccer addicts. Players, former players, coaches, coaches’ wives, fans; you name it. If they are soccer-related and reside in Hawaii, they are likely in our circle somehow or another. If they aren’t, they should be. The more the merrier. Or so they say.

Back to 2014. Have you hear of the World Cup? I must make a confession here. Prior to 2010, I hadn’t. Seriously – I was not aware of the World Cup. I was not aware of the soccer insanity. I was not aware of the world-wide phenomenon. But now. Oh. My. NOW. Now I know. I understand. This craziness called the World Cup is quite a phenomenon. And this time I am ready!

For those of you who are soccer-ignorant, or novices, let me fill you in from a soccer-beginner’s point-of-view. As we approach summer 2014, you may start hearing the building rumble to a roar of soccer fanaticism. There is a reason for this. Every four years, there’s this world-wide soccer festival that happens in which countries compete to earn the right to call themselves the soccer champions of the universe. {Well, at least this solar system since we don’t know of any other soccer-playing worlds surrounding our sun.} The process has already started. FIFA (the governing body of earth’s soccer teams and people) has set the draw. Don’t I sound so knowledgeable? I’m not. I’m learning all of this right along with you. Below you’ll find an easily-consumable infographic from US Soccer (you can find so much more here).

{Image courtesy of us via}
{Image courtesy of us via}

During the last World Cup, my ever-gracious wife watched very little of it because, well, we were a fairly new couple, we were taking our first mainland trip together and i didn’t allow for much time in our travel schedule for soccer watching. And, of course, I had no inkling as to how big the World Cup thing is. No context, people. But this time around, I have context. I get it. I comprehend that the pots are competitive. I have witnessed and been impressed with the soccer passion. So, this time around, I will not only understand the desire {possible need} for my wife to sink into any and all World Cup action that she can fit into her world, I will encourage her {possibly even join her} in taking in the action. We have family and friends that will join in the insanity – and rabble-rouse the insanity – as well. A fun time for all. That’s what I’m preparing myself for. I’m also preparing myself for the strange, sidelong looks that my wife and friends and family will throw my way when I ask ignorant and/or silly questions. And I will appreciate the patience and indulgent way that my wife will answer said ignorant and silly questions.

But, until we watch the opening ceremony in Brazil (I think there’s a World Cup opening ceremony), I will do my research and spend some time reading World Cup 101. I do like to be prepared. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick the winner. Does that happen? Do I get anything if I win? Hmmmm … more to research, that’s for sure.

World Cup 2014 in Brazil coming our way soon. From what I can discern, games start on June 16th. Bring on the soccer!


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