History In the Making

{courtesy of Equality Hawaii fb page. Original creator unknown to me}

This morning the Hawaii State Senate will convene at 10 am to consider SB1 – HD1 and vote for final legislative passage. The Senate passed SB1 originally with a  20 (support) to 4 (opposed) vote. We are cautiously confident and hopeful that the Senate passage will be relatively quick and comparably painless (as compared to the horribleness of the House of Reps, that is). Upon Senate passage, it will go to Governor Abercrombie for his signature and, on December 2nd, my wife and I will be legally “wives” to one another.

It struck me, this weekend, how Amanda and I have a front-row seat for history; at first I considered it LGBTQ history, and then I included Civil Rights history, but I now think of it as a broader societal history. Every historical step in the  LGBTQ and Civil Rights’ movements is one step that brings us closer to a cohesive and equitable society that truly recognizes and embraces differences and diversity rather than allowing differences and diversity create and continue divides in our community. And so, Amanda and I will be present – although not in body today (daily duties do call) – to witness another great step in history. It is our honor and privilege to be a family that can and does fully appreciate the momentous societal reform that marriage equity presents to all families within our community.

So, my friends who will be present at the capitol today, continue to be hopeful and to celebrate; continue to remain respectful and conduct yourselves with aloha. Stay focused on the amazingness of these moments for us as individuals, as a community and as part of this beautiful and great state. Don’t worry about the hate and let the crazies be crazy.

As we all know, and as we have shared and continue to demonstrate:


#SB1 #equalityhawaii #loveislove


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