This thing called “SOCCER”

I’m not much of an athlete. I’m not much of the athletics-appreciator either.

I’ve always enjoyed football season. When I needed some decompression time, I would find my way to a basketball game. But, otherwise, athletics and I didn’t mix all that much.

And then I had this child. And soon realized that Shortstack is quite athletic. The boy has an arm. And he can run. And, good god! He’s a goalkeeper.

P1000493We started him in soccer when he was 5. I just wanted him in something to get all the energy out. My woman was a soccer player, so it made sense.

If you don’t believe in lines of fate, I can attest that things happen for a reason. This little boy who lived his first 4 years without knowing the woman who was to become his other mama, is completely and absolutely intuitively a soccer-loving, goal keeping, athlete … just like Mama Panda. I’m definitely not well-versed on what it takes to be an athlete, but I do know that some athletic talents are driven by natural interest and proclivity.

P1000500 P1000501 P1000513 P1000516 P1000525 P1000528 P1000540 P1000543 P1000545 P1000550Thank you, Mama Panda, for bringing all of this soccer love into our lives. Now, my dear, you have to get Shortstack registered for next season! You’re coaching, right?

May all of you get to enjoy the soccer experience sometime in this life. It’s actually quite fun … oh! and UH has a soccer team … if you didn’t already know. Right, honey?



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