Our Pumpkin

Hello, October … it’s good for you to come and visit us again.

This is our pumpkin. Carrying a pumpkin.


Sometimes I feel like we miss out on the excitement of autumn in Hawaii. But then I remember that it’s not a matter of us missing out – we just experience it differently. October is a special month. I consider it the month of change: the sun rises markedly later and sets earlier; the weather shifts oh-so-slightly so that when Panda and I wake up in the morning, we usually have our blanket pulled up rather than being sheet-less as we usually are during the heat of summer nights; the recipes that I gravitate toward usually involve soups and crockpot options;  and – most importantly to our family – we celebrate Pumpkin’s birthday. And I celebrate the magnificent change of becoming and being a mama!

We headed out to the Waimanalo Country Farms to pick out our pumpkins for this Halloween month.

Does anyone else notice that these two have the same walk?
“Mama – come here. I found our pumpkins!”
Option #1 …
Decisions made. Pumpkins chosen.

P1000412Happy pumpkin month, our peeps! Enjoy your celebrations and revel in the season however you see fit!


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