He Keeps Growing … and Growing … and GROWING!

8 October 2013

Good morning, sweet pea … and hau’oli la hanau, baby! You turn 8 today.

P1000355 P1000361 P1000368


Your mamas wish we were with you to greet this amazing day with you, but we’ll celebrate when you get home. We know that you’ll have a spectacular day to celebrate the awesomeness that is you!

Birthday’s are big deals, Shortstack! Although everyone has a different way of marking and enjoying the day (mama tends to like to keep them small and quiet while mama panda is more social and outgoing with her birthdays), we feel it is so important to celebrate birthdays because they are celebrations of you stepping into this world – but, most importantly, you in all of your amazingness, becoming a part of our world and making us mamas. Your birthday is also so special and important to me because it is a time for me to recognize and celebrate fundamental changes in who I am as a person and a woman, as well as the monumental shift sin my purpose, goals and dreams in this life.

We are so lucky and blessed to have the privilege and honor of being your mamas. Knowing that the person you are is being influenced and molded by the love and guidance that we share with you everyday, we try to be wise and generous and loving. And when we don’t quite reach those goals, we try to be honest and inclusive as we share those learned lessons with you. Most importantly, we hope that we give you the space to become who you truly are; we hope that you learn from us that your soul and your truth is to honored and celebrated, that you – as a boy and as the man you will become – are so special and gifted and blessed but you are also responsible and accountable for the world that you create for yourself. Explore, baby … and challenge yourself. Dream about being more than your greatest dreams can even visualize. Know that hard work is necessary to achieve worthy goals. Hold tightly to the bedrock of relationships that are anchored in selfless love and unwavering trust. Have confidence in the constant support and love that your mamas will always have for you. Let yourself fly and be you. Oh – and be patient with this mama … as beautiful as it is to see the person you are becoming, it’s sometimes hard for me to let go of the baby that I was blessed with to protect and cherish … and to relinquish that charge for the current charge of guiding and supporting and cherishing the independence and self-direction that you have as a boy.

Happy birthday, Shortstack … you are loved more than you will ever, ever, EVER fully understand!



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