This Boy …

  • AMsnapshot
  • Wakes up early … always has much to this mama’s dismay …
  • Loves his music – Bruno Mars and Lorde are current favorites
  • Reads like his mama does – usually has half-a-dozen books going at the same time, doesn’t always finish them, stores them under his pillow, in every bag and on every surface … often in teetering stacks
  • Gets sucked in by movies or whatever is on TV
  • Is fine with his messy room and has no problem telling his mamas that he’s fine with it … and then sighs with resignation when both his mamas tell him that we’re not – so it WILL be picked up
  • Often will ask for apples before dessert
  • Religiously eats “white cereal” (frosted mini wheats) and pb-and-j sandwiches
  • Intuitively plays defense and loves being the goal keeper – just like Mama Panda – but doesn’t give up when he plays forward (sometimes, though, he needs to be reminded that he’s not playing keeper)
  • Holds my hand when I cry at movies or when he thinks his mamas need some extra loves
  • Gets distracted – by tv, music, a car driving by, a wayward thought,  the wind … yeah – he has this mama’s attention span
  • Has laughter that is contagious – as soon as his giggles start, both his mamas smile and laugh along with him
  • Has a sense of humor inherited from his Mama Panda and his Papa (god help us!)
  • Is getting on a plane tonight for a week-long visit to the desert
  • Holds the hearts of both of him mamas in his sweet hands

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