Recovery Randomness


I just wanted to stop and and connect with my peeps because bed rest is so isolating …

My wife and one of our closest friends had a pre-surgery beach evening. Shortstack spent the night with gma/papa because of an early hospital check-in time. So we lingered at Queen’s Beach, watched the sunset, chatted about nothing and everything.

2013-09-12 18.50.27I’ve been dreaming about these coconut trees in many of my pain-killer-induced dreams. They tend to be a bit more talkative in those dreams. Seriously, pain killers. WEIRDNESS!

Surgery went well. I’m sure I’ll share more details later. That’s just what I do. But it’s recovery that has been a bit rough for me. But I’m learning. And I’m trying out patience. And I am receiving the most amazing care and love from my sweet family.

2013-09-16 09.41.07 2013-09-16 09.41.32 2013-09-16 09.42.06 2013-09-17 08.23.44 2013-09-17 16.52.03Here’s to making it out to the other side of recovery with my sanity intact. And to new boobs!! WOOHOO!! NEW BOOBS!





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