I enjoy holiday weekends. But Labor Day weekend is bittersweet. The summer is coming to an end. Students overrun our campuses and the semi-peaceful lull between semester insanity is effectively cut short. So our little ‘ohana was determined to have some fun, decompress and get some nappage in.

I’d say we were pretty darn successful!

The UH Wahine volleyball played – and WON! – against #1 Texas on Friday night. The arena was PACKED. We had a couple of friends join us. The air in the arena was buzzing with energy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the crowd as loud as it was on Friday night. And yet, the little man still found a way to get comfy and start falling asleep. We headed out in the 3rd set and caught the rest of the game at home.

(picture courtesy of mama panda)

The main objective for Saturday was homework and laziness. We did a pretty good job at checking off those tasks on our gotta-do list. 2nd grade homework is quite demanding. Which is awesome to see as it pushes Shortstack to academically and personally. But, our little man shuts down at 7:30. Literally, he shuts down.So getting at least 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of web-based math exercises on top of sent-home homework and then the normal gotta-dos of daily life (dinner, bath, fish feeding, oh my!), 7:30 comes VERY quickly!! So Saturdays are becoming catch-up and wind-down days.

I absolutely love this picture of Shortstack and Mama Panda. They are so comfortable in each other’s pockets. In quiet moments like this, I see how lucky I am to not only have found a wife who loves me unconditionally (in every sense of the word) but who has so willingly and passionately stepped up to the plate in the game of parenthood.

anyone notice what my heartbeats are wearing? totally unplanned!

Because of Saturday night party plans,  we were insisting that Shortstack get a nap in. Usually that’s not a challenge. But – you know when a kid gets so overtired that sleep is simply not an option – yeah. We reached that point. So he tried. Over and over and over again. Mama Panda indulged in some Criminal Minds episodes and soccer. And I headed out for some alone time to one of my favorite coffee shops. I used to indulge in a couple hours of alone time in coffee shops regularly. With books, journals, newspapers or just sitting still. Coffee in hand. And people-watching. Always people-watching.

the rare quiet afternoon alone at a coffee shop with words … lots of words!

I love these lights. And the high ceilings. And the coffee art. Yes. Coffee. Always coffee.

love high ceiling and these lights

So, I am one of those people who thoroughly enjoy breakfast. I love planning breakfast. Cooking breakfast. Eating breakfast. Lingering over breakfast. Sharing breakfast. And weekend mornings – oh! weekend mornings are made for breakfasts! Usually it’s something simple in our house. Portuguese sausage and fried rice, whatever fruit we have on hand, coffee (yes – ALWAYS coffee – but weekend coffee usually is doctored up with rum and cream), sometimes toast w/ homemade bread. But there are those few and far-between weekend mornings when the desire for breakfast exists but the will to cook said breakfast is notably absent. And those are the mornings when I definitively inform the ‘ohana that we’re headed out for a breakfast treat. On Sunday, we found ourselves at SweetE’s. Oh my! Now, I could {try to} be all cool and take pretty, neatly-composed pictures of our newly-arrived food like the wonderful food bloggers that I love to browse through – but, let’s face it – that’s not me (or us as a family). So I, of course, decided to share with you the reality and wonderfulness of the mid-breakfast picture that randomly took just because … well, just because. If you’re looking for a good breakfast/brunch – SweetE’s is the place. Just be aware, it’s small and gets crowded quickly. But it’s SO worth the wait.

sunday breakfasts are never neat and tidy … but always yummy!

And so we got our fun and decompression in. Now, we’re in the midst of more Fall Rush insanity. Which means we sit and simmer and wait for all this insanity to pass so that we can re-group and get on with our lives.

Have a wonderfully crazy week, my peeps! See you on the other side of Rush.


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