Biting Down

It doesn’t matter how much lead-in time our family has for the fall semester, the end of July through the middle of October always seems chaotic. And, in the midst of that chaos, I tend to get flustered and frustrated. Panda and I tend to view our years in terms of academic semesters and athletic seasons; fall and spring semester, summer and winter terms, soccer, volleyball and football seasons, followed by basketball and baseball, fall and spring eligibility. It seems that we’re passing that along to Shortstack as well. This fall semester and eligibility season seems a tad bit crazier as we prepare for my upcoming surgery (more on that later), a fall break trip to AZ for the Shortstack and a major family trip down under.

I’m frazzled – to say the least. And, so I’m just biting down. Biting down my frantic mind. Biting down on my internal urge to hurry up – hurry me up, hurry my wife up, hurry my baby up. Biting down on my incessant need to feel control. Biting down on my need to order everything into a rhythm that I think is right for all of us. Right now, all we need is to be able to move along at the pace that works for all of us. Right now, I have to be okay with a bit of chaos, a schedule that may seem a bit crazed and the feeling that we all seem to be pulled a billion different ways. Because, the truth of the matter is simple. We do what we do and we squeeze in time for moments of happiness and peace and if, at the end of the day, not everything got done … all is well. The sun will rise again and the gotta-do list will still exist.

And so we’ve enjoyed a week of swim lessons.

leahiAlthough water-tight, Shortstack wants to start surfing with his uncles and aunties. The deal is he takes swim lessons, acquires technique and then he can find his way onto a board. We’ve had an AMAZING experience with Leahi Swim School in Manoa. There was a bit of tears on Friday when we had to miss our last lesson due to an early-morning discovery of pink eye. *sigh* the joys of raising an elementary-aged child.

We had fun with moose ears horns antlers. Aunty Wendy and Uncle Shawn chose the perfect tshirt for Shortstack (& his mama!).

mooseShortstack is settling into a new comfort zone at his “new” desk. Inherited from Uncle Michael, this workspace has been set up and meant to be dedicated to studious and/or creative pursuits. We’ll see how long that intended purpose remains priority in this space.

deskAnd … we enjoyed water time. Took the SUP out with Aunty Kylie for a couple of hours and just enjoyed living in our little slice of this beautiful paradise.

K_SUPSo, if this is what biting down on chaos looks like, I’ll take it! Any day of the week.

Don’t let the frazzled insanity get to you, my peeps! Enjoy you and yours and you’ll find that the chaos will fade a bit … and, sometimes, that’s all we can ask for.







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