Pinterest Addictions and Friday Randomness

It’s tough to keep my head in the game on Fridays sometimes. Especially after a complicated week. So, sometimes, one must indulge in distractions … and sometimes Pinterest is the perfect distraction. {All images are courtesy of Pinterest}

honestswearingTis true. But it does make me wonder what our child is going to spout off in school when he’s faced with frustration or astonishment (the two emotions that usually provoke a well-embellished string of swear words from one of his mamas).

dragonflytatI’m starting to feel that craving for another addition to my tattoo collection. I still don’t think that color is my thing … but this piece has a section of my soul sighing.

bookjunkieI am. As is Shortstack. While tucking him in last night, Mama Panda reached under his pillow to find a 3-inch stack of books.

heelenvyNo words necessary. *sigh*

Another lifetime ago … but not anymore. Yes, my dear wife, I am only looking. I know my ankles are sh*t.

koalasnugglesHere’s to hoping that all of you have a weekend filled with snuggles and love.


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