Can I get an “AMEN”?

footballsquirrelAnd let the choir sing!!

(thanks to Krista Ross for posting this pic on fb, from which i “borrowed” it. all rights belong to the random/anonymous person who originally created it. there! legal bases covered! i hope. probably not. but, i tried)

It’s THAT time of year again. Yep! Football is back in all it’s glory and heartache. For some reason, every year I surprise people when they find out I enjoy football. I still wonder why that is. After all, I’m the one who thinks there needs to be more full-contact allowed in soccer … well, except in Shortstack’s soccer.

The start of football season ALWAYS creeps up on me. And when I realize it’s here, I resist it for a day or so before I start getting excited. Football season means that summer is pau. That is never something that I actively rejoice in. But I recover. And then I enjoy.

So, my peeps! Enjoy this football season as completely as we will … lazy days watching games you care about and those you don’t. Hours of family comments about the abilities or inabilities of certain players you cheer for – or don’t. Reasons for trying out new pupu recipes and indulging in our favorite stand-bys. For those of our peeps on the mainland who don’t have to battle time zones to watch games, enjoy watching your games with an adult beverage other than coffee (don’t worry, our other adult beverages quickly follow our coffee fix!). Ahhhhh … Enjoy it, friends! Enjoy it!




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